Hello friends,if you are a developer you must have heard about API or you must have seen it in any post on the internet regarding web development or software development.

So today I will introduce you to API which stands for Application Programming Interface.

Suppose you are making any app,software or any website,and you want to integrate Facebook in it.Well,that’s where you need Facebook API.

API for an application is the set of programming interaction and standards to access that application.

A good API makes it easy for the developer to interact with the application.


An API resembles to Software as a Service(SaaS).Developers don’t need to build everything from the scratch.They can just use the API for their work.

Using the API makes it easy,efficient and time reducing for developers.

Popular APIs

1.Google Map API

2.Amazon Product Advertising API

3.YouTube API

4.Facebook API

Hope it helped you in getting introduced to APIs

Thank You. 🙂