Hello friends,in this project I am logging the data over Thingspeak.com by using arduino and esp8266. I am using 4 sensors whose values would be uploaded.


If you are new to my ESP8266,visit my previous blog here

I recommend watching video as it shows the major steps.

1. Download the zip file in the link below.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Y9-jpvsfOBRURNRVlONlVrQ2s/view?usp=sharing

2. Check the .jpg file in the zip folder and connect the circuit.

3. Upload esp_test.ino to the arduino and send commands as shown in the video and connect esp8266 to your network..

4. Open thingspeak_final.ino in the arduino IDE and change the apiKey to the Api Key you obtained from Thingspeak.com


5. I have used four sensors in the code and that’s why i added all the field values in the string getStr,If you have one sensor,keep only the one and delete the rest of them

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6.Run the code and check on the Thingspeak.com,the data would be logged. Please comment if you have any doubt regrading it. 🙂