Hello friends, Today we are going to learn about the integration of Bluetooth HC – 06 module with the Arduino Uno. Bluetooth Module HC-06 operates in SLAVE module only. That means it cannot initiate the Bluetooth connection with any other Bluetooth Device. There are other Modules also which can be used.Other popular Bluetooth Module is HC-05 and it operates in both MASTER/SLAVE mode therefore it can initiate the connection when in MASTER mode. In this tutorial,we will use Android App BlueTerm+ to turn off and on the LED on Arduino Uno using Bluetooth Module HC06.


1.Download the circuit diagram and Arduino sketch from here .       NOTE:- If it is mentioned 3.3V on your module, then do not connect the 5V,instead connect the 3.3V from the Arduino.My module works fine with 5V. 2.The link of the Android app used is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.jentsch.blueterm 3.Watch the video

So this is how we can control arduino using bluetooth.Hope you guys like it. Let me know in comments if you like the video or if you have any doubts.:)